Sudcantieri in partnership with DS WRAP is promoting boat wrapping, which is the perfect alternative to paint.

Boat wraps are vinyl sheets that adhere to the surface of boat. It is possible to choose from a wide range of colors, textures and graphics to transform the vessels, either slightly or radically.

This new coating technology guarantees the maximum customization of the hull, totally or partially covering it with highest quality vinyl films.

These films, 3M certified, are completely removable, leaving the color and the original paint underneath in perfect condition. Guaranteeing an innovative and beautiful look, vinyl films are resistant to UV rays and to corrosion by seawater and wind. With their aesthetic performance, boat wraps are the most cost-effective way to protect and personalize your own boat. Each owner, flanked by the interior designer of the DS WRAP, will be able to change the skin of his/hers vessel, both indoors and outdoors spaces. For further information DS WRAP: