The workplace safety and health have always been the main objectives of Sudcantieri's company policy, in a vision that considers safety an indispensable condition for business development. The company strategy introduces measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work. It applies to all workers, whether they are employees or workers of companies that cooperate in the implementation of company services.
Worker well-being is placed at the centre of every company dynamic, in the awareness that safety is everyone's right and everyone's duty.

Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection are Sudcantieri’s strengths, a responsible choice of the company on the basis of its ethical principles.
Thanks to the integrated management systems, Sudcantieri has managed to fully achieve all the set objectives, of sustainability, organization and economy.

This responsible choice is binding for all employees of the Company, shared with all suppliers and is available for all those who wish to know it at the following address: Corporate environmental policy.