Sudcantieri stands out for its green perspective in full respect of the environment. Environmental sustainability affects all fields of action of the marina & shipyard. It truly becomes the real challenge to face in order to meet the criteria of a reduced impact on our environment.

In an eco-friendly company, the trend towards sustainability becomes a lifestyle, a “modus operandi”, an attitude that translates into choices which are environmentally friendly. Sudcantieri transforms these choices into actions, to pursue sustainable development.

- The large green islands which surround the structure up to the jetties embellish its architectural appearance, globally placing it in harmony with the surrounding area.

- Here, energy saving is achieved by multiple activities: the use of LED lamps that guarantee a reduced environmental impact compared to common filament lamps; solar panels used for the production of domestic hot water. The international blue flag award, consolidated since 1994, which embraces the FEE, Foundation for Environmental Education program, promoting guidelines aimed at preserving the environment and promoting sustainable tourism.

- Separate collection with an ecological conferment area marked by large and visible signs to ensure adequate disposal of plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and damp. Customers are provided with bags of different colors to facilitate waste sorting.

- Special waste that is destined to be disposed of in a special storage area - according to current legislation - under the supervision of Sudcantieri staff, without any risk to people and the environment.

- The treatment of wastewater produced by shipyard work, which are conveyed and subjected to a purification process thanks to the physical / chemical treatment plant.

- The plastic free initiative which helps to limit the use of plastic in offices, from water bottles to disposable plastic cutlery used in break areas.

- Environmental education and information activities which involve both staff and boaters, aiming to spread new behaviors and lifestyles and develop a general sustainability-oriented awareness.