The Sudcantieri app: a window on the territory

The Sudcantieri app has been created specifically for iPhones and Androids, and it is the guide that boating tourists must have in their suitcases.

Sudcantieri app which will take you on tour round Naples and Pozzuoli, so you can discover all the attractions of the area: touristic itineraries, restaurants, outside activities, local markets, cuisine specialities. The tourists that arrive with their own boat can organize their own tour: what to see, where to eat and furthermore gather useful information about transport, maps of the city, ferryboats to the islands, arrival and departure times of trains and plane, hiring cars etc.

With this platform you can create your personal travel programme before your arrival too and plan every detail of your stay.

The Sudcantieri app is a useful instrument for those who only have the time for a brief stop. This application gives all the information of the nearby supermarkets where you can stock up before leaving and also has shipchandlers, weather forecasts in real time and everything you need for a short stay. Sudcantieri app, with all the information about the territory, has been created for seafaring tourists to always have at hand.

Download it immediately…is free. Felice soggiorno!