Promontories, fjords, coves, grottos, breath-taking views: this is the coast, outstanding for its extraordinary beauty. All along the coast there are hidden marvels: from Salerno to the Sorrento peninsular, from the Bay of Ieranto, famous for its protected marine reserve, right up to Amalfi. Sorrento, Seiano, Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Maiori and many other small coastal communities are part of a territory that brings together harmoniously so many unique characteristics:

a symbiosis of picturesqueness, art, history, culture and civilization.
Every square metre in this area has its own speciality: Sorrento with its tomatoes and characteristic lemons, Amalfi’s ‘sfusato’ wine, Nerano’s spaghetti with courgettes and its local handicrafts, and last but not least the ceramics of Vietri. This and lots more are part of the world’s heritage.