The Company

Set in the midst of the breathtaking scenery of Rione Terra where architectural buildings are made of the local volcanic tuff stone, looking out onto the Gulf of Pozzuoli and the islands of Ischia and Procida, Sudcantieri is in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields.

Our organization offers moorings as well as an adjoining large boatyard with a boathouse for storage.The highly skilled workforce with all the necessary equipment is always present and available. Sudcantieri is not only an exclusive private, peaceful oasis, but also a highly active and industrial place; a safe location from which you can sail away or sail to at will.

The workforce

A highly qualified staff forms the perfect team thanks to the different areas of expertise. By providing technical and commercial assistance, Sudcantieri takes care of the client from beginning to end, its service is tailored to meet the different needs of the clients. Those who choose Sudcantieri not only choose quality, but above all find an excellent, constructive, well-disposed assistance service.

A team of professionals that keeps up with technical modernization thanks to continual refresher courses.

The history

Sudcantieri is not only its history, the services it offers, the sea stories told on the wharfs, the atmosphere, it is above all, the passion, the enthusiasm, the experience that fuel the desire to work and achieve. Sudcantieri is the result of its founders ’40 years’ commitment and belief in the future of this docking place. In 1970 the idea took shape, an ambitious project worthy of the best nautical traditions, not only a modern and aesthetically pleasing structure, but also internationally competitive, ideal for high quality nautical tourism.

Sudcantieri values the following: professionalism, precision and attention to detail. In this way the dream has become reality. Today, in Campania, Sudcantieri is considered “the drawing room“ by those who find pleasure in this nautical recreation; a perfect combination of the peaceful, relaxing scenery, gentle climate and courteousness of the people you meet. The faces and languages of the people who dock here contribute to the liveliness of this area all year round.

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How to reach us

WP 40°49' 36'' N, 14°06' 51'' E

Sudcantieri is situated in the ideal position for reaching the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida: the focal point between the Aeolian and the Pontine islands.

The distance in nautical miles:

Procida: 7 miles SW
Ischia: 12 miles SW
Sorrento: 15 miles SE
Capri: 16 miles S
Positano: 27 miles E
Amalfi: 31 miles E
Ventotene: 25 miles W
Ponza: 55 miles W

The winds: The predominant winds are the ‘libeccio’ (the south-west wind), the ‘ponente’ (the west wind) and the 'mistral' (the north-west wind); traverse: at noon; sheltered: South East wind.

Lighthouses and beacons: 2409.4 (E 1625.2) – A position light with a fixed green light, range 3 M, on the extreme edge of the cliff that protects the fishermen’s mooring place.