Refitting and repair

  • Restructuring and transformation
  • Mechanical repairs with authorized CaterpillarGMMAN assistance
  • Implementation and checking of electrical and electronic installations
  • Wooden carpentry and teak covers
  • Internal and external furnishings and upholstery
  • Partial or complete varnishing
  • Anti osmosis and anti corrosion treatment on hulls (of all types and quality)
  • Insulation of refrigerating and air conditioning installations
  • Renewal of security records and documents

Specialized assistance for sailing boats:

  • Unstepping and stepping of the mast;
  • Rigging replacement and supply;
  • Running rigging replacement and supply;
  • Maintenance and supply of deck equipment;
  • Keel and rudder optimisation;
  • Harken authorized assistance

Wood processing

Sudcantieri in the realization of teak blankets has followed the uninterrupted evolution of the different processing cycles, anticipating market trends. The quality of the product starts upstream, in the meticulous and careful selection of materials, to conceive an impeccable aesthetic in a completely handmade product. Trunks of quality then, with the least possible number of defects and the craftsman proceeds scrupulously, preparing the different steps of the work. From the preparation of the staves to obtain high-quality strips, to chisel cutting the original deck for the installation of the new one. From the gluing of the staves strictly one by one, to the construction of the central thorns in solid teak. From the adjustment of the side bands to the realization of the coments with the cleaning and application of the rubber.

The constant exchange between the yard and those who commission the work is the synergy that makes the difference in creating a new tailored suit to the boat, elegant and quality at the same time.

The result is a superior product where each blanket is unique, a "work in a workmanlike manner".