Situated less than 200 metres from the junction of the ‘tangenziale’ (by pass) of Naples, Sudcantieri is near the city and can easily be reached via the Cumana train and the Metro.

In the city there is a lot to see: the historical centre of Naples with its ancient churches that are witnesses of the history of the city: from Santa Chiara to San Domenico Maggiore, from San Paolo to San Lorenzo Maggiore, from San Gaetano to the Duomo (Cathedral) with the striking Chapel of San Gennaro. Furthermore a visit to the famous “underground Naples” must not be missed to go back in time and walk along the tracks of the old streets. Near the sea, the tourist can see the Maschio Angioino Castle also known as Castel Nuovo, that majestically stands out with its five cylindrical towers.

Nearby in the Santa Lucia neighbourhood, there is the symbolic monument of Naples, the ‘Castello dell’ovo’, located on the little island of Megaride - the first settlement of the ancient Greeks - the seafront (via Caracciolo) starts here. Just a short way from here you get to the Villa Comunale and Mergellina, with its touristic harbour, where the fishermen sell: fish and shellfish. On the southern side of the coast, there is the famous hill of Posillipo, Marechiaro, and the little island of Nisida that separates the Gulfs of Naples and Pozzuoli with its bay. Finally the museums: the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Capodimonte, that offer the sight of their beautiful art collections.