Management cookies

This document explains “what cookies are” and how they are used on this site.

• What are cookies?
A “cookie” is a text file that the site sends to the computer or other device is a browser to identify a browser or browser.

• Does this site use cookies?
Yes, this site uses cookies to improve the availability of services and features to its users. It is possible to limit or disable the use of cookies via the web browser; however, without cookies, some or all of the site’s features may be unusable.

• What kind of cookies are present on this site?

– strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are essential to bring a term activities requested by the user. For example, to store information you need to access the page.

– Functional cookies
These cookies allow the site to memorize the required operations, beyond reusable. For example, access search settings, authentication and other custom features.

– Analytics cookies
These cookies are useful data, with the aim of improving site performance and layout. These cookies can be used by the supplier of the analysis tool.

– Advertising and third-party cookies
These cookies store information related to the site to provide personalized information for promotional purposes, both inside and outside the site.

• How can cookies be restricted or disabled?

Each browser offers methods to limit or disable cookies.
For more information on cookie management visit the appropriate links:

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– Chrome
– Safari