Sud Cantieri


Starting from 25 May 2018, with the introduction of the new European regulation “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), greater protection of personal data and privacy will be guaranteed.

Personal data is an information that allows the identification of the owner directly (eg Name and Surname) or indirectly (for example identification number of the identity card).

What personal data can be processed by Sudcantieri (hereinafter the Company), in addition to personal identification data?

Personal contacts: for example the e-mail address or the telephone number on which to receive communications.

Third-party contacts: eg e-mail address or telephone number of employees and / or employees

Personal information: for example, data on punctuality and payment situation.

The Company will use the data collected by the Clients to provide them with the requested services, as well as useful information related to services and products, in line with their real needs and to possibly evaluate their degree of satisfaction with the service offered.

Thanks to GDPR, Customers can contact us at, in order to obtain the following information:

Know what personal data is held by the Company and for what purpose they are used.

  •  Ask the change if they were incorrectly reported.
  • Request cancellation.
  • Temporarily suspend use.
  •  Get a copy
  •  Change the previous choices in terms of privacy.